Airline boarding pass printers

From: Karl Auerbach <karl_at_cavebear_dot_com>
Date: Sun May 23 2004 - 18:06:05 CDT

I've had a suggestion from a machine builder that it would be much easier
(and less expensive) to engineer an enclosed/secure voting station if we
were to find a way to be able to print on things that resembled airline
boarding passes.

These kinds of passes - which are like old IBM cards, but often longer,
are on a card stock from continous fan-folded feeds. I don't know the
print technology (I've heard that it varies by vendor) but the
misprint/misfeed rate is measured in the sub-one-per-100,000 levels.

(I don't know whether these can do dual-sided printing.)

I've heard that there may be models that can do larger size printing - I
should get some feedback on fairly soon.

(As one might intuit, I've been talking to machine builders about the
possibility of a sealed [i.e. with lead/wire security seals] unit that
contains in one box all the pieces from computer to screen to power backup
to printer to result recording devices/media. Such a machine would be
pre-loaded with paper at the start of day [or at the pre-staging
warehouse], sealed, and used. The prices start to get *very* interesting
in quantities 10,000+ - so low that even used equipment wrapped in duct
tape would have a hard time competing on price.)


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