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Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 13:04:29 CDT

> I just noticed this one in a Google search. It's nice to have
> worldwide attention:
> I don't read Italian, but I can get the general sense. You can use the
> machine translators too, of course, though the result is, as usual, a
> bit funny.

I liked this one the best: "University of California of Cruz Saint."

It sounds like it's a good article.

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L'Open Voting Consortium promises to give a large hand -- if not just to
resolve -- problems and impicci of the systems e-vote made in USA

In the United States from some time l'e-vote it is jumped to the honors of
the report. Or perhaps better, to the disonori: problems, inghippi and
inaffidabilitą of the appropriate ones blot some electronic. With annexed
fallen back sull'efficacia of the electoral system, and by extension
dell'intera structure democratic. A panorama tutt'altro that clearly,
therefore, as they have illustrated in more occasions expert and activists,
to leave from the book & blog Black Box Voting, devised and continuously
dawned from Bev Harris. A context in which a plan arrives hour open source
that it seems to promise good new: Open Voting Consortium, voluntary group
of university professors and programmatori whose job is aimed at the
"sviluppo of a technically very made system of voting, sure, taken care of,
little expensive one and uniforme."

Reassuming the scene they puts into effect (sees the recent article on Wired
News), the great job of a fist of activists has brought to light the impicci
of the producers of blots some for e-voting, their continuous ones interlace
with politicians of high rank, and finanche the disinterestedness of the
courts and the local authorities. Of equal step to the punctual annotation
of not bogus eccentric data when (also during recent elections, like the
recall for the governor in California), large it gets worm-eaten to the
emergency, software and inaffidabile hardware, lack of verifications on
paper. After the clamorous vicissitudini to presidential 2000 in Florida,
they have been introduced on the national territory new blots of it type
"touch screen" or similar -- also like instrument prince, therefore it is
said, in order to make more and more to go back the rates electoral
participation in decrease. Sin that has not at all convinced. And beyond to
how much over, the taken care relationships programmatori and experts do not
lack who above all evidence the possibilities d'infrangerne the emergency
and the lack of cartacei replies on the single ballots. While industrial
consortia and finanche I affixed to you bills parliamentarians push for the
necessity to reform put into effect them them dispositions (and annexed it
blots some). In a similar situation, l'Open Voting Consortium has introduced
public in those of Clara Saint, heart of the Silicon Valley, the first
version of an appropriate system above suspicion (and swindle). "Stiamo
trying to demonstrate as it is possible to make systems sure, " Arthur
Keller has explained, associate university professor of computer science
near the University of California of Cruz Saint. While Alan Dechert,
sviluppatore that has given to start all'entitą non-profit, adds that the
system includes one received cartacea, as it comes demanded from many
sources, and less costs than every other analogous machine because, heard
heard, uses hardware of base and software open source. Not only: being
quest'ultimo available for whichever public review, that would have in a
generalized manner to lead to one greater confidence of the public in the
practical ones of e-vote. Dechert has explained: "Non we are favorable to a
managed public process from privately-owned companies that they want to hold
all under the secret trades them, " as owner happens typically in the field
on the base of the model. Here because the sources of the software in issue
come diffuse on, famous situated that collects one myriad of
development plans open source. The prototype turns on PC of low cost,
contains functions integrated of emergency, it operates with different
languages and methods of calculation, and can repair voting with several
difficulties. Equally important, the plan is entrusted to the donations of
the single ones (also via web) and is trying to obtain of the public funds
for the search on the electoral systems. Only modality, between l'altro, in
order to commercialize the more soon to put prototype to point. in other
words, up to now federal governments and be them have allocated billions of
dollars for l'acquisto of new blot some, leaving paltry budgets for the
search. To the contrary of happened how much instead in other countries,
which Australia and Brasi they, that they have pushed with force l'aperto
development of new systems. In the 2001 l'Australian Capital Territory she
has used for before the time one of such systems based on software open
source. And also if that one used of recent in Brasi them is not such, the
produced system however is based on a created design directly from the
investigators governed to you. The recent presentation dell'Open Voting
Consortium has received optimal appraisals from part of experts and local
heads, in particular an article of the Saint Josč Mercury News that defines
sacred l'iniziativa "il grail of the responsibles elettorali." After to have
last to I winnow l'intero arranges and to have insistito for the necessity
of budget be them waves to implement the prototype to commercial grade them,
l'editoriale it is closed in promising way: "L'Open Voting Consortium seems
to possess that that serves in order to inspire confidence in the electronic
ballot. It is not the case to attend beyond in order launch some
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