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Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 17:52:10 CDT

I've contacted the NASED director and have arranged to have a copy of it faxed to me. maybe today or tommorrow. I'll pass it along when I get it. But apparently it is not "mythical". I've heard that in some places people are so vote crazy they even vote for county surveyor. (this actually might makes some sense in states with a tradition of problematic crony-ism like my own: a few years ago the mayor, police chief and council chair of the state capitol city were husband,wife and brother-in-law. The mayor had a salary of $14K, no visible income, and drove a new Jaguar;-)

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>> It might be nice to have a similar example that used the 3rd column;
> I'm waiting for the semi-mythical 76 race ballot--takes a 57" paper
> tape
> according to the NASED director. I'll bet that using a similar style
> and
> font size that I used here, it will fit on a legal sized ballot with 3
> columns no problem.

I quite agree that the 76 race thing is probably bogus. But it would
be nice, if a skeptic objected "But your system can't handle elections
with N contests!", to pull out of my briefcase (or to a URL) a copy of
a reasonable looking printed ballot with 76 contests on it (or

Your two column example looks very nice, and quite reasonable as a
legal ballot, btw.

And even past that, just to point not-as-skeptical questioners to
examples of what a 10 contest, 20 contest, 40 contest, and 80 contest
ballot might look like. Not necessarily those exact numbers, but
something along those lines, each with a collection of a few different
types of contests (some initiatives, maybe a ranked preference or two,
perhaps a bundle of judicial confirmations, etc). The details need not
be historically accurate for this purpose... just like Susan B. Anthony
never actually ran against George Washington for President (i.e. the
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