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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 17:38:19 CDT

There are those with more expertise than I. I would recommend using
the proposition's title.

Proposition 7. Solar Maglev Trains. -- YES (or NO)

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At 2:24 PM -0700 5/19/04, charlie strauss wrote:
>I have a question about terminology. If some one says the
>"question" is repeated on the printout, does this mean, literally
>"proposition 7" or does it mean "Shall a 4.6 million dollar bridge
>repair revolving fund be established". On your sample ballot you
>use the former definition of repeating the "question" is that what
>that term means?
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>> The more you duplicate the typography of the ballot presentation itself,
>> the easier it is to verify the ballot, so in fact, the ballot layout of
>> the sample I just cited is going to cause you some grief.
>I didn't do that one, but I did Steve Chessin's example, which is the
>longest ballot I've actually seen.
>44 contests with 64 possible selections total:
>Here's the layout I did. I set it up for 3 columns, 10 point Times, 8.5 X
>11. I only used 2 columns. I left room in the corners for the ballot ID and
>there would be room on the edge for the barcode. I would have needed three
>columns if I had spelled out the Proposition and Measure titles.
>Alan D.

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