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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 16:44:43 CDT

At 11:17 AM -0600 5/19/04, charlie strauss wrote:
>Hello all,
> Been chatting with the NASED director again who is strictly
>opposed to paper trail systems. In her aresenal is a 57" paper tape
>receipt-style voter verifiable printout. This is simulated for a 76
>race ballot that occured in albuquerque. She considers an 80 race
>capacitity the absolutle minumum that would be required for any
>voting scheme to even merit the slightest attention. I note it's
>even mildly hard to squeeze a ballot that size onto a standard 22
>3/4" duouble sided optek eagle ballot card. But of course a
>verifiable ballot is not the same as a hand markable selection menu.
>On the other hand there has been debates on this forum on whether to
>present the non-selected choices as well as the selected one, which
>would fatten the printout size.
> I estimated, without having firm confirmation, that the usable
>line length on a paper tape was about 2" which on a 57" tape was
>114 sq inches, or the size of an 8x14 page, and the latter would
>probably allow for more efficient layout. She rhetocially stated
>that she'd like to see an 80 race voter veirfiable ballot printed on
>regular page (8x11). I'd like to show her. Does OVC have a large
>race-count ballot format yet? and if so could someone run one off
>for me? In new mexico there are usually at least three parties per
>one other data point: She said the printout tape was done at ten
>point font which when I do the numbers cant explain the length of
>57" unless the layout contains a lot more than candidate names.

Good idea. Include two person presidential race, and include the
corresponding regular 1-D barcode. We could even put this up on the
OVC website as an example. It would be quite useful for us in
general. Please make it two column text. Please make it 10 point
OCR font for the text if you can. And please also add a OCR legend
of the text equivalent of the bar code below (meaning towards the
center of the page) the bar code.


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