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From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 14:00:44 CDT

oh and on 8x14 then ten points five columns and letting race titles wrap as before its about 16 races per column which gives about 80 races per page using the layout I sent before. you still have the 1 inch top and bottom margins. the paper is visually dense and I have not allowed for extra lines or bold face to help organize the results.

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From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
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I think it depends a lot on collateral information and layout. for example if one had the following sort of layout
Dog Catcher
Frederick R. Murtz

Precint 1 District senior vollyball team:
Lucile B. Arnez

Precint 2 District junior vollyball team:
Richard D. Richardo

using MS Word that's 15 lines for four contests with a column width of 2.1" using 10 point times.
with 1 inch header and footers,

which gives about 12 contests per column (64 lines)

a half inch left margin, a 1.25 inch right margin (for the bar code) and a 0.25 inch column spacing would give three 2.25 inch columns

which give 36-37 races per 8x11 page.

Clearly this layout format is not what one would prefer.

keeping the same margins and race reporting format but going to 6 point times with 5 columns gets about 23 races per colum or about 115 races per 8x11 page.

at 8 point and 5 columns one gets about 80 races per page but the longer contest names text wrap to a second column.

switching to 5 columns at 10 point causes the longer race names to wrap a line (see below) to a second line but fits about 50 races per page.

Dog Catcher
Frederick jones Murtz

Precint 1 District senior
vollyball team
Arnold Ziffle

Precint 2 District vollyball
Arnold Ziffle

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On May 19, 2004, at 1:17 PM, charlie strauss wrote:
> Been chatting with the NASED director again who is strictly opposed to
> paper trail systems.

What a very problematic official :-(.

> Does OVC have a large race-count ballot format yet? and if so could
> someone run one off for me? In new mexico there are usually at least
> three parties per race.

I am pretty sure that no one has previously prepared such samples. But
if you (Charlie... or anyone else) feels like creating a mockup, that
would be great.

In the demo, the layout of the printed ballot is pretty much hardcoded.
  I think it's a nice layout overall, and I think the decision to only
print the names voted for, not those omitted, is a good one (even if
not absolutely final).

A mockup, in my opinion, should look generally similar to the demo, but
might use some smaller fonts or tighter spacing to fit more contests.
In particular, for space, it should definitely continue the strategy of
printing only the choices selected. A first pass at a mockup cold skip
the watermarks, but we can certainly figure out how to add those back.
It should be possible to create a reasonable mockup just using a word
processor (or perhaps something like LaTeX, for someone familiar with

It might be nice to get a sense of the densest reasonable single-page
8.5x11, and likewise for 8.5x14. We could put those mockups (as PDF)
on the OVC/EVM2003 websites as resources to show to officials or
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