Re: Have you ever been a poll worker?

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 14:03:51 CDT

> Why don't we call them the (1) preprinted ballot stock approach
> (formerly Ellen's); (2) sequence and ballot-type PINs (formerly
> erroneously called Ed's); (3) dumb cards (formerly Alan's); and (4)
> smart cards (formerly Arthur's)?

At least one of the suggestions is missing above. There are 5 in all,
so far.

I *think* what you list as (2) is what I was calling "David" not what I
was calling "Ed"... but I'm not sure from the description. Unless you
really do mean "Ed", and you're trying to leave out my suggestion.

Let me try better short names:

(1) Pre-printed ballot stock (Ellen)
(2) Poll worker activation (Ed)
(3) Per-voter PIN (David)
(4) Per-party token (Alan)
(5) Smart cards (Arthur)

My short names leave out some of the details of how each suggestion
works, but I think these names capture the main aspect of each scheme.
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