Re: Have you ever been a poll worker?

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 12:39:59 CDT

Ed, this idea deals with pre-printed ballot stock, and I didn't
previously reject that suggestion. I have since suggested adding a
pre-printed bar code, so the BVA and BRP could make the check
automatically as well.

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At 8:08 AM -0700 5/17/04, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:
>Hello Steve:
>In printing, the process you describe below is called, "Fanning."
>However it is usually done with blank paper and the idea is to add a
>little film of air between each sheet so they move a little more
>freely in realtionship to each other. It is also done before
>jogging paper into an even stack. Also, are you sure that the idea
>of having a poll worker enter a PIN number for the voter is unique
>to me? I have the impression that Arthur Keller had already
>considered (and rejected) it.
>Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>That does require an additional poll worker during primaries, and there
>will be some escapes. Most escapes would be caught during either the
>semi-official or official canvass, where each ballot would be inspected
>to make sure it matched, and any non-matches declared void (and those
>precincts recounted). (Some might escape even that check, but then no
>system is perfect.) (I'm envisioning that, during the canvass, the
>ballots for each precinct are sorted by color, and then each pile -- I
>can't think of the word for this, but it's what you do when you hold,
>say, a paper-back book in one hand and pull the pages with the thumb of
>your other hand, so that they flip back -- any mis-matched ballots will
>stand out, especially if one or two large letters are used to indicate
>the parties, and the print position varies with the party.)
>Also! , voters will have to enter the correct party. Some may be tempted
>to enter the wrong party, and will be frustrated when the poll-worker
>rejects their ballot. There will definitely be confusion for the voter
>when among the chocies they see, say, "Democratic" (for registered
>Democrats), "Republican" (for registered Republicans), "NP-Democratic"
>(for Decline To State who want to vote in the Democratic primary), and
>"NP-Republican" (for Decline to State who want to vote in the
>Republican primary). They will have to be told what to enter when they
>are handed their color-coded blank ballot. (It would help if the
>color-coded blank ballot were also pre-printed with the party name, or
>NP for no party.)
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