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Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 10:08:22 CDT

Hello Steve:
In printing, the process you describe below is called, "Fanning." However it is usually done with blank paper and the idea is to add a little film of air between each sheet so they move a little more freely in realtionship to each other. It is also done before jogging paper into an even stack. Also, are you sure that the idea of having a poll worker enter a PIN number for the voter is unique to me? I have the impression that Arthur Keller had already considered (and rejected) it.
Thanks, Ed Kennedy

That does require an additional poll worker during primaries, and there
will be some escapes. Most escapes would be caught during either the
semi-official or official canvass, where each ballot would be inspected
to make sure it matched, and any non-matches declared void (and those
precincts recounted). (Some might escape even that check, but then no
system is perfect.) (I'm envisioning that, during the canvass, the
ballots for each precinct are sorted by color, and then each pile -- I
can't think of the word for this, but it's what you do when you hold,
say, a paper-back book in one hand and pull the pages with the thumb of
your other hand, so that they flip back -- any mis-matched ballots will
stand out, especially if one or two large letters are used to indicate
the parties, and the print position varies with the party.)

Also, voters will have to enter the correct party. Some may be tempted
to enter the wrong party, and will be frustrated when the poll-worker
rejects their ballot. There will definitely be confusion for the voter
when among the chocies they see, say, "Democratic" (for registered
Democrats), "Republican" (for registered Republicans), "NP-Democratic"
(for Decline To State who want to vote in the Democratic primary), and
"NP-Republican" (for Decline to State who want to vote in the
Republican primary). They will have to be told what to enter when they
are handed their color-coded blank ballot. (It would help if the
color-coded blank ballot were also pre-printed with the party name, or
NP for no party.)

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