Re: Have you ever been a poll worker?

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Date: Sun May 16 2004 - 22:28:11 CDT

On May 16, 2004, at 11:10 PM, wrote:
> One more comment on message just sent. Poll watchers in Colorado,
> while supposedly there to insure fee and fair elections, all represent
> a political party or a specific position on an issue. I am not sure
> that they always practice `civic virtue' if they believe that an
> irregularity might favor the orgization that they are representing.

Steve Chessin's experience in Santa Clara is helpful in getting a sense
of workability of the several proposals for insuring voters get a
correct ballot (particularly in jurisdictions with closed primaries).

Have you (Gayle) followed the discussion of competing procedures for
dispensing a proper ballot? If so, how does your experience as an
election judge and poll watcher speak to the procedural feasibility of
each procedure, at least for Colorado?

Just a brief repeat:

Ellen: Partially preprinted party-specific ballots for voters to finish
printing at vote station.

Ed: Machines activated to party-specific ballot for each voter by poll
worker, using PINs.

Alan: Voter given a one-digit card (maybe a color code piece of plastic
with a number on it), poll worker at ballot box collect card and makes
sure the party code on card matches that exposed on ballot.

David: Each voter given unique PIN to enter on machine from randomized
list. PIN contains code for party specification.

Arthur: Each voter given a physical smartcard that contains ballot
information, including party. Voter must return smartcard before
leaving polling place.
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