Re: Why PIN or smartcard is REQUIRED

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sun May 16 2004 - 01:22:50 CDT

At 1:33 AM -0400 5/16/04, David Mertz wrote:
>In my own "guestimate," I naturally put my per-voter-PIN as the
>least failure prone. Ellen's partially pre-printed ballots and Ed's
>poll worker station activation seem like the next best choices (not
>sure of the order), followed by ultradumbcards, with smartcards
>picking up the rear.

Explain how Ellen's and David's approach works for visually impaired
voters. Ed's poll worker approach is probably too labor intensive.
Recall that in the 2000 election, there were polling places in Saint
Louis with a 3 hour backlog of voters at poll closing.

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