Re: Why PIN or smartcard is REQUIRED

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sun May 16 2004 - 00:07:31 CDT

> What about this:
> Leave the printers empty. The poll worker hands the voter a piece of paper
> with a "3" printed in the top left corner of the paper -- regardless of
> which edge is up or which side is up (so actually it would have four "3"s
> printed on it). The "3" tells the voter the code to enter to start the
> cycle. When the ballot prints, a second "3" would be printed just to the
> right of the initial one. The poll worker checks the part sticking out of
> the privacy folder to make sure it has two 3's, not a 3 and a 4.
> The voter can only print one ballot without getting another piece of paper
> from the poll worker, so ballots can be reconciled. Just make sure the
> casting and printing are co-dependent.
> Poll workers could use a special admin program to print the numbers on the
> corners while they are setting up the polls. And if they run out during
> day, they could just print a few more at any vacant station. This way the
> computers could also track the quantity of each blank style that had been
> printed.
Thanks, Ellen, for this idea. It has some real advantages. However, I
think that asking the voter to feed a piece of paper into the printer will
not give a very good success rate. Nonetheless, it's something that could
be tried. Others (e.g., Arthur) have suggested a special ballot stock
handed to the voter so maybe we should test that.

Alan D.
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