Re: Polling Place conditions, reframing the issue. Failure, vandalism or sabotage.

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Date: Sat May 15 2004 - 13:19:37 CDT

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> > I'd suggest that as the output of each machine is a legal paper
> >ballot, that the machine simply be sent through the end of the day shut
> >routine upon discovery of a failure.
> That's a reasonable strategy, but you don't want to get the vote
> tallies from that machine prematurely.

If the machine has been vandalized, sabotaged or it just plain locks up; I'm
assuming that the machine will be inoperable and can''t be used for the rest
of the day. Here's my suggested steps for dealing with this

1. An out of order sign will need to be hung across the voting station.
2. The machine should be unplugged.
3 County technical support will need to be called to deliver a replacement
machine unless there are enough spares at the polling station.
4. Under the supervision of a polling judge and/or poll observers, the
thumb drives should be removed as well as the CD whenever it is convenient.
These should be put in a large envelope and authorized signatures should be
written across the flap of the envelope.
5. The machine should be set aside and sealed by the same people in # 4.
6. If a new machine is delivered, it will have to go through the same start
up proceedure that all the rest of the machines did in the morning.
Ideally, the technician should take away the old machine to election

Thanks, Ed Kennedy
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