Re: Polling Place conditions, reframing the issue

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Fri May 14 2004 - 13:30:54 CDT

At 10:44 AM -0700 5/14/04, Karl Auerbach wrote:
>On Fri, 14 May 2004, Arthur Keller wrote:
>> At 12:27 AM -0700 5/14/04, Karl Auerbach wrote:
>> >Personally I find the thumb drive more attractive than the writable
>> >multi-session CD-ROM except for the implicit validation that comes with
>> >having everything from boot-code to final data on the same medium.
>> I like idea of using the thumb drive *and* writing it all to the CD-R
>> at the end of the day. CD-R's are easier to load, and then the votes
>> and the program and parameters are all on one semi-permanent record.
>Yes, I agree. I wouldn't get rid of the CD-ROM. But being a mechaninical
>device it does have a noticable failure rate - it wouldn't surprise me to
>see percent or two of the voting machines at the end of the day discover
>that they can't write the CD's due to mechanical problems with the writer
>or the media.
>One way to deal with this to make the thumb drives the primary mode of
>data transfer and use the CD's as secondary storage and for auditing.

I like the idea of writing to the CD-R at the beginning of the day to
record the self-generated public key, if that's the approach we're
using. Also print the self-generated public key on the printer, to
check that the printer works and the paper is loaded correctly.

However, the CD-R, being an immutable medium, is better for
tabulation, and use the thumb drive for auditing and as a backup.

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