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From: Steve Chessin <steve_dot_chessin_at_sun_dot_com>
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 21:49:54 CDT

>Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 08:03:47 -0700
>From: "Alan Dechert" <>
>Subject: Re: [voting-project] Draft 3 -- EAC Letter
>> Well, I'm probably too late with this comment, but I have a nit to pick
>> with the beginning of this sentence:
>> After seeing our April 1 demo at the County Court House in San
>> Jose California,
>> It wasn't the County Court House; it was the County Government Building.
>We used the more general "county government building" in our press release.
>I've also seen the building at 70 W Hedding called the "Court House." The
>office of the County Counsel is at 70 W Hedding. I also see where it's
>referred to as the "County Government Center."
>Here's a directory that has 70 W. Hedding down as a "court."

I wouldn't believe everything I read on the web. I especially wouldn't
consider a web site about dietary fiber a definitive source about court
houses. (There is no explanation on that site about their "biz"

Also, "County Counsel" is a fancy name for the County's lawyer (the one
that sues for and defends the County, as opposed to the District
Attorney that handles criminal prosecutions). Most lawyers don't have
offices in the court house, and neither does Santa Clara County.

The definitive source for 70 West Hedding is, the
official web site of Santa Clara County. 70 West Hedding is referred
to as the County Government Center (I was mistaken when I called it the
County Government Building). See for example

The definitive site for Santa Clara County Courthouses is
<>. The main court
house is at 191 N. First Street (around the corner and down the street
from 70 West Hedding). There is no courthouse at 70 West Hedding

>From a brief google, I suppose "County Government Center" is more
>appropriate. But I don't think that "County Court House" is wrong,

It is wrong. There is no court there. The directory you found lists
something it calls the Santa Clara Revenue Municipal Court Collection
at 70 West Hedding. At best there's a place you can pay fines. But
that's not a court. And 70 West Hedding is not a court house.

I live in Santa Clara County, attend meetings at 70 West Hedding
at least monthly, and interacted with the County Court system when
our adoption was finalized, so I know (pretty much) of where I speak.

Anyway, I'm glad you fixed it in the final version.

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