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Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 14:12:38 CDT

Here's some on hardened equipment... granted, purchased by quite a
rich company.

LexisNexis Selling Database to Prisons
Mar 16, 7:55 AM (ET)
DAYTON, Ohio (AP) - A company whose extensive database of laws and
court cases is used mostly by legal offices, schools and libraries has
attracted a new type of subscriber: prisons.
The service from LexisNexis enables prisons to provide required access
to legal information while banishing law books, which are more
expensive, quickly outdated and easily damaged, according to
facilities that use the database.
LexisNexis, based in this southwest Ohio city, has installed computer
kiosks resistant to damage in four prisons and jails in Hawaii and
five in California. The kiosk consists of a touch-screen computer
monitor covered in shatterproof glass inside a steel box bolted to a
Prisons had to be assured that the kiosks, manufactured by Touch Sonic
Technologies in Santa Rosa, Calif., would not pose a danger of broken
glass that could be used a weapons, said Bill Carter, vice president
and managing director of LexisNexis' western market center in Dallas.
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