Re: Draft 3 -- EAC Letter

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 10:03:47 CDT

> Well, I'm probably too late with this comment, but I have a nit to pick
> with the beginning of this sentence:
> After seeing our April 1 demo at the County Court House in San
> Jose California,
> It wasn't the County Court House; it was the County Government Building.
We used the more general "county government building" in our press release.
I've also seen the building at 70 W Hedding called the "Court House." The
office of the County Counsel is at 70 W Hedding. I also see where it's
referred to as the "County Government Center."

Here's a directory that has 70 W. Hedding down as a "court."

>From a brief google, I suppose "County Government Center" is more
appropriate. But I don't think that "County Court House" is wrong,

Alan D.
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