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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 02:36:11 CDT

At 11:39 PM -0700 5/12/04, Steve Chessin wrote:
> >Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 16:11:23 -0700
>>From: Arthur Keller <>
>>Subject: Re: [voting-project] TED SELKER: US Election Assistance
>>The privacy folder is an ordinary manila folder with the "open" end
>>cut down so that only the bar code is showing when the ballot is
>>placed in the folder with the same orientation as the folder. Since
>>the bar code is printed along both long ends of the same side of the
>>paper, the bar code shows either up or down independently of how the
>>paper ballot is placed in the privacy folder. There is a problem
>>with the BVA and the bar code: the bar code may be facing up when
>>placed on the scanner of the BVA. One way to handle this problem is
>>to have the ballot paper pre-printed with bar code on the reverse
>>that basically says "please turn over" to the BVA, which in turn
>>gives that message to the voter.
>This introduces the failure mode where the paper is loaded into the
>printer wrong-side-up. You'd want a "printer test" feature where a
>poll-worker could ask the voting station to print out a "test"
>(invalid) ballot to make sure that the paper was installed properly,
>and have performing that step included as part of the poll-worker
>Another approach would be to use a printer with a duplex feature (to
>print both sides), and have the printer itself print the "please turn
>over" bar code on the back. Or it could print valid bar code on both
>sides, eliminating the problem entirely. (Of course, duplex printers
>may be more likely to jam than simplex ones, because of the extra
>complexity in the paper path.)

Duplex printers are also more expensive. However, I think the
startup process of the day should involve printing, to make sure the
printer works, if nothing else. Part of the purpose of doing so is
to print the public key of that computer, if the private key is
"self-generated" as per an earlier discussion.

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