Re: Questions-privacy folders and ballot boxes

From: Steve Chessin <steve_dot_chessin_at_sun_dot_com>
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 02:03:32 CDT

>Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 09:33:29 -0700
>From: Arthur Keller <>
>Subject: Re: [voting-project] Questions-privacy folders and ballot boxes
>There is unimportant minutae and important minutae. This is important minutae.
>Larger ballot boxes with larger openings is a easy thing.
>I was recommending heavier stock paper with a watermark and
>pre-printing. It's an open question whether we should have the
>numbered tearoff like the votomatic has. The advantage is then you
>can count your "voted" ballots, your "spoiled" ballots, and your
>"unused" ballots, and they should match your blank ballot supply. I
>know that some other people in the project (Alan, for example), don't
>like to add this level of complexity.

The punch cards I'm used to had a tear-off stub (that the voter kept)
that had a serial number on it. You could have pre-scored stub on the
heavier stock paper that had a serial number on it, that the voter tore
off and kept. The serial numbering would make it easier to keep track
of how many blank ballots you had at the beginning and end of the day,
thus making it easier to determine how many voted and spoiled ballots
you should have.

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