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Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 20:25:22 CDT

I suffer from multiple mail boxes. So I think this bounced the last time I sent it in.
Hello All but especially Arthur and Laird:

Here are the promised revisions of the Welcome letter for your comments:



This list, maintained by Arthur Keller <>, is for
those participating in the project to develop a PC-based voting
machine with a voter-verifiable ballot. Here's general information
for the list you've subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:
This list has been in existence since July 2003 and a great many
issues have been discussed.

About Question:

1. First see our website, <>.
2. We've tried to summarize the discussions in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section at
3. Should you feel that your questions have not been answered in the FAQ, you may wish to try accessing our correspondence
archive (see <>).
4. For those of you most interested in the more technical issues, you may wish to visit the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) home page at <>
5. We're gradually pulling together a set of standards and guidelines in Wiki at <>
6. Sometimes we lapse into sort of an alphabet soup of acronyms and special terms. See the glossary at the Wiki under "Consensus of the OVC" <>

All of these resources are also available under links at the Open Voting Consortium web page mentioned above.

 If, your question is not covered or unclear there, feel free to write us
at <>.

Please don't feel discouraged about these two simple requests. We're actually a sociable bunch but most all of us have day jobs and want to stay focused on the goal of moving forward on making available a practical, open-source, electronic voting system that prints a ballot the voter can verify, a system that we can all trust.

Your opinions and questions are always welcomed.

About postings to the Open Voting Consortium
| By posting to the Voting-Project, OVC-Demo-Team list or other related lists,
| you thereby agree to release the content of your posts
| to the Public Domain--with the exception of copyrighted
| material quoted according to fair use.

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Thanks, Ed Kennedy
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