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From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall <jhall_at_sims_dot_berkeley_dot_edu>
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 15:21:35 CDT

Hi list, Let me introduce myself:

I'm a PhD student at UC Berkeley [SIMS][1]. I am also a licensing
volunteer at the Free Software Foundation and a student at the
Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic at the Boalt Hall
School of Law (UC Berkeley). I don't officially represent either of
these organizations on this list but bring any expertise from these
roles with me.

My interests include free/open source licensing, IP law in general,
science and technology policy and I have a MA in astrophysics from UC

My interest with the OVC and this list is to help sort through some of
the licensing issues... when my finals are over next week, I'll be
looking through the list archives and attempting to see what sort of
dialog you guys have already had concerning this.


best, Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall, SIMS PhD Student; UC Berkeley.
[web:<>, blog:<>]

"But a voter on this voting machine has no knowledge through his
senses that he has accomplished a result."
--Justice Rogers (19 R.I. 1729 (1897)).

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