Re: Draft 3 -- EAC Letter

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 15:14:34 CDT

RE: [voting-project] Draft 3 -- EAC Letter

> I think that the letter is really shaping up nicely.
> A few "polishing" comments:
> We should remove the sentence "Since there are many Free
> Software/Open Source software licenses, the specific terms
> that apply to a particular program must be clearly stated." as
> well as the phrase "(under the same open license terms)" as
> they're unnecessary complexities that confuse our central point
> (that open source is good).
I think they are good points and I chose to leave them in. I see your point
that they might not understand what we're saying. OTOH, if they understand
everything perfectly well in the letter, they may not see a good reason for
inviting us for more. I want them to scratch their head and say, "we need
to get some of these people here so we can find out what they're talking

> "Studies have shown that these software programs are higher
> quality, better performing and have fewer bugs than competing
> closed source proprietary software. It is no wonder that most
> of the web servers on the Internet are running robust applications
> like Apache along with an open source operating system like Linux."
> This should be trimmed down to "Studies have shown that software
> programs that are open for peer review are higher quality, better
> performing and have fewer bugs than other software." The phrase
> "peer review" is particularly important. The last sentence is
> redundant with the first two sentences in the same paragraph.
I went for "peer review." However, the last sentence is not exactly
redundant since it makes the point that most servers are running open
source. Few people know that. It's important. This is not a fringe
movement. Open source is mainstream.

> I would reverse the order of these two paragraphs to flow better,
> as follows: "The San Jose Mercury News followed their April 8
> editorial with another editorial (Apr 23) urging our Secretary of ...
I didn't take this particular suggestion because the 2nd paragraph of the
2nd page follows the last sentence of the 1st paragraph on that page.

Anyway, it's done.

Alan D.
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