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Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 10:11:03 CDT

Actually, it's Laird Popkin. :-)

As I said, the specific license is very important, and thus means a lot to
us. But I think that the debate between various open source licensing
options isn't a point that we want to make up front -- the critical issue is
that we get them to agree that the voting system should be open. Once
they're philosophically on board with the general goal, we can guide them
through the complexities. If we raise too many complexities up front, rather
than impressing them with our depth of knowledge, we may scare them away
from open source alltogether.

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I have to disagree with poplin laird. The bit about liscencing is a key
issue with open source. Raising it further demonstrates why OVC expertises
and why OVC should be invited to the table.

I also see that alan took my suggestion about mentioning fostering a new
bussiness model. The sentence mentioning it is a tad abrupt and may not
flow well enough to be of use.

 my sense is that the purpose of this letter is to get OVC invited to say
much more, maybe even appear before the committee, and the way to do that
might be to stay on topic (open source) but show that you are very savy by
raising these subtle issues like you have . e.g. not all open source lic
the same, enabling new bussiness models.

I suspect that avoiding shamelessly plugging the system itself is a good
thing. But you did manage to cleverly introduce the ide that handicapped
persons will be able to verify their vote. That's good because it again it
will mildly surpriseing: it shows an OVC strength in being able to do
something that the head of the NASED testifies was an inherent problem
problem with paper.

good letter.

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