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Actually, this market, similar to consumer kiosks, is probabluy is too small
and specialized for most of the mainstream PC vendors to sell into. That
being said, kiosk companies are likely to be OEMing machines from one of the
big PC manufacturers and reselling them. For example, one photo printing
kiosk that I worked with consisted of a Dell laptop with a touchscreen
added, bolted into a metal case with card readers and special software. But
you couldn't buy that Kiosk from Dell, just from a specialized kiosk
company. Similarly, I'd think that any voting machine might be based on a
mainstream consumer platform, but would require industrial packaging, etc.,
that would only be available through a niche company.

- LP

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Ed, Doug, Karl,

> On Friday 07 May 2004 06:52, Douglas W. Jones wrote:
> > On May 7, 2004, at 3:17 AM, Karl Auerbach wrote:
> > > I'm hoping to find someone who already is building a
> > > diskless, touch-screen, USB 2, smart-card reader (yes, I do
> > > think we need this), PC
> > > kind of platform - there are machines that are close (but no
> > > cigar), e.g.
> > > Sun's SunRay 150 -
> > >
> Hmm. I think Encore is making such a computer later this year.

Compaq, Dell, et al would probably build to whatever specs you give them.

Alan D.

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