Re: Assigning copyright?

From: Edward Cherlin <edward_dot_cherlin_at_etssg_dot_com>
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 17:34:03 CDT

On Monday 10 May 2004 11:33, Arthur Keller wrote:
> At 2:18 PM -0400 5/10/04, David Mertz wrote:
> >Along the lines of Arthur's source code questions, and my
> > comments on Linux, FSF, etc, I wonder about copyright
> > assignment.

> It might make sense for the EVM2003 to be assigned to the FSF.
> Perhaps the UC-developed system should be assigned to the OVC
> with a "performance clause" otherwise it defaults to the FSF.
> Of course, we have to be willing to agree with whatever they
> do with the rights, or otherwise have that in the agreement
> assigning the rights.
> Another possibility is for UC to retain the copyrights (or
> assign to another entity), but allow use of the software for
> any purposes provided that the interface specifications
> (presumably maintained by the OVC) are adhered to.

Somewhat more permissive language is in order: The code is usable
for any private purpose, and modified versions may be
distributed with a clear statement that the modifications are or
are not certified for election use. We will have to decide on a
policy on licensing of certified variant code for use in
elections (Yes/No/We'll decide when we see it) allowing for the
fact that other countries may need to make modifications, and
election laws will change.

> This exercise might seem a waste to some, but it helps me
> justify whatever choice we make to the UC administrators.
> Best regards,
> Arthur

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