Re: Draft of letter to the EAC

From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 14:58:05 CDT

Hello Alan:

It's a little difficult to determine what you actually want from the EAC. Be sure to clearly ask for what you want. Upon careful reading, I can tell that you want to be able to present the OVC issues and a little about the EVM system to the panel but I had to read the message a bit closely to get that. If I were them, I might like to know what sort of presentation you would like to make, when you might like to make the presentation, how long might the presentation take and who might be expected to make the presentation. While you have probably already worked out most of these details in your own mind since you seemed like a rather organized person, perhaps you might want to share these details with the EAC.
Respectfully, Ed Kennedy

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> >From: David Mertz <>
> >A few suggested changes:
> >> It makes sense that a public process like voting
> be best served with
> >> public software.
> >To me, it does not merely "make sense" in the
> technocratic sense that
> >"under many eyes all bugs are shallow." Instead,
> the openness of the
> >source code is a matter of procedural democracy.
> >I know not everyone shares my ideological
> inclination, but I think we
> >could be somewhat more forceful while not
> explicitly going into this
> >issue:
> > It IS PROPER that a public process like voting
> be best served with
> >public software.
> I heartily support Dave Mertz's feeling here. Open
> source is analogous to public meetings laws. Both
> can be onerous yet neccessary.
> Not only is sunlight a disinfectant but public
> scrutiny will force good software engieering
> practices. It is a bit like a well painted navy
> ship: It's harder to mask other engnieering problems
> if the software has transparency.
> I'm waiting to here Alan's clarification about the
> intent of the letter, but I would suggest that it's
> premature to argue the merits of OVCs superiority.
> Just make the case, as alan did, that if the topic
> is open source, then it's hardly a comprehensive
> discussion without OVCs participation. Once you are
> at the table the rest can follow.

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