Re: Assigning copyright?

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 13:45:31 CDT

On May 10, 2004, at 2:33 PM, Arthur Keller wrote:
> Another possibility is for UC to retain the copyrights (or assign to
> another entity), but allow use of the software for any purposes
> provided that the interface specifications (presumably maintained by
> the OVC) are adhered to.

UC seems like a good candidate to me. They have a long and honorable
history of holding and protecting copyrights on Free Software (i.e.
Unix/BSD). There have been some low points in UC stewardship too, but
mostly it's been a good thing.

As long as the grant application specifies something helpful like
GPL/EVMPL, UC couldn't decide to "monetize" the copyright... even if
y'all, say, elected an overly pro-corporate governor. I, for one,
would be perfectly happy to assign those copyrights I hold in current
EVM2003/OVC source code to UC.
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