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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 11:33:29 CDT

There is unimportant minutae and important minutae. This is important minutae.

Larger ballot boxes with larger openings is a easy thing.

I was recommending heavier stock paper with a watermark and
pre-printing. It's an open question whether we should have the
numbered tearoff like the votomatic has. The advantage is then you
can count your "voted" ballots, your "spoiled" ballots, and your
"unused" ballots, and they should match your blank ballot supply. I
know that some other people in the project (Alan, for example), don't
like to add this level of complexity.

Best regards,

At 8:42 AM -0700 5/10/04, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:
>Hello Arthur:
>Back in the days of votomatic punch card system, the
>privacy envelope was only open on one side. For those
>of you who have not used the votomatic system, the
>ballot was about 3" (75mm) wide and 11" long and was
>printed on card stock. The poll worker woudl first
>tear off a receipt with a serial number, hand it to
>the voter and then would turn it upside down over the
>ballot box slot with their hand pinching the envelope
>and the ballot together. Then while holding the
>envelope directly above the slot, they would allow the
>ballot to slide out of the privacy envelope into the
>ballot box while the voter was watching. This made
>for a private but very clear transfer of the ballot
>into the box.
>You may be wondering what this minutae has to do with
>the OVC. Existing ballot boxes will likely need to be
>redesigned to accomodate the OVC system. Also, normal
>inexpensive bond paper might tend to stick to the side
>of manila folders or hang going into the ballot box
>slot because of uncontrollable folding or wrinkling so
>we may need to plan on printing on something like card
>stock. Obviously this is something that needs to be
>added to usability tests.
>Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>--- Arthur Keller <> wrote:
>> It is handed to the poll worker, who turns it so the
>> bar code is face
>> down, then extracts the printed ballot from the
>> privacy folder,
>> ensures that there is only one ballot in the folder,
>> and then inserts
>> the face down ballot into the ballot box. The
>> privacy folder is
>> returned to the stack for reuse, assuming it has not
>> been marked.
>> Best regards,
>> Arthur
>> At 5:35 PM -0700 5/9/04, Ed Kennedy wrote:
>> >Hello Arthur:
>> >
>> > How is the ballot transferred from the folder
>> to the ballot box?
>> >
>> >Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>> >
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>> >> At 1:45 PM -0700 5/9/04, Ed Kennedy wrote:
>> >> > I have searched the archives about the
>> 'privacy folder' and am a
>> >little
>> >> >unclear as to how it would look like. The link
>> to the image site was
>> >> >broken.
>> >>
>> >> The privacy folder is an ordinary manila folder
>> with the "open" end
>> >> cut down so that only the bar code is showing
>> when the ballot is
>> >> placed in the folder with the same orientation
>> as the folder. Since
>> >> the bar code is printed along both long ends of
>> the same side of the
>> >> paper, the bar code shows either up or down
>> independently of how the
>> >> paper ballot is placed in the privacy folder.
>> There is a problem
>> >> with the BVA and the bar code: the bar code may
>> be facing up when
>> >> placed on the scanner of the BVA. One way to
>> handle this problem is
>> >> to have the ballot paper pre-printed with bar
>> code on the reverse
>> >> that basically says "please turn over" to the
>> BVA, which in turn
>> >> gives that message to the voter.
>> >>
>> >> Best regards,
>> >> Arthur
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