RE: Headphones for Voters

From: james_in_denver <james_in_denver_at_hotpop_dot_com>
Date: Sun May 09 2004 - 13:56:21 CDT

Headphones for voters also has the effect of moving the problem of
accommodating individuals with disabilities from the vision impaired to
the hearing impaired.

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 13:26, Alan Dechert wrote:
> Doug,
> > This has real potential as an alternative to a paper record. I think
> > it should be taken seriously. ....
> >
> Does Selker's method require headphones for every voter? The voter has to
> listen to the selections read back?
> If so, I think the danger of this system is that you'd train voters in such
> a way that they always hear the vote read back correctly and over time they
> would stop checking. Eventually, few, if any, normally sighted voters would
> take the time to listen.
> As always, trials are needed. The ballot printing system we are proposing
> would most likely find virtually all of the normally sighted voters checking
> the paper and this would not diminish over time. I predict that people
> would tire of taking the extra time to put on headphones and listen to the
> selections being read.
> > I should note that this scheme is
> > similar to another proposal for voter-verified audit trails that
> > involved video capture of the "voter verification screen" of a DRE.
> > Each time the DRE presents a voter with a screen saying "here are
> > the candidates you selected", when the voter presses the "confirm
> > selection" button, an auxiliary bit of hardware grabs a screen shot
> > off the video interface and stores it on a random sector of a
> > write-once recording medium. It is important that the screen shot
> > be captured from the hardware interface to the display screen and
> > that the frame grabber have no text recognition software in it.
> >
> This scheme still has the "trust us" factor. The average person would have
> no idea if this really means anything.
> Alan D.

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