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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 19:52:03 CDT


> I can imagine the headline - "Old Toner Cartridge Invalidates Election".
> When you get only one shot at the gold (or the moon or an election) the
> balance between cost and reliability tends to require that more weight be
> given to the latter. (I have a hard time imagining an airline pilot
> during pre-flight leaning over to the co-pilot and saying "I think we have
> enough fuel to make it to the next island, let's give it a try.")
I don't think so.

> As you say, I look for technical solutions - which means, to me, a written
> pre-election procedure that says "insert newly refilled toner cartridge
> (or ink cartridge(s)) into printer". ........
Again, trials are needed more than speculation. How many pollworkers can
change a toner cartridge? Do you know where to find that tab.. and how to
break it... then pull out the strip.

You are trying to solve one problem (possibility of toner running out) and
replacing it with a whole series of other risks (like ruining the printer,
ruining the cartridge, or both).

A better solution might be to have a log that shows how many pages have been
printed since its last new toner cartridge. If you are through less than
half the toners life, forgettaboutit--you're not going to run out while
printing a measly 100 pages. Even if you did, the ballot can be spoiled and
a new one printed at another station.

> If one is worried about cost, the
> old, still largely full cartridge can be used back at the election offices
> and in the county schools.
> Cartridges don't usually die outright - they start to generate blank
> streaks and the like - It's bad to introduce a subjective judgement call
> onto the voter and voting place staff.
That's a thought, Karl. But its much worse, probably, to ask them to change
a bunch of toner cartridges.

Again, trials are needed.

Alan D.

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