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comment: When comparing open source with closed source bug fix records it's important to distinguish critical bugs from the rest. While all "issues" are called "bugs" in open source world--and go into bug-traq. Even things like performance issues are listed in "bug" reports. minor "issues" like that dont get reported at all in proprietary software. there is no "bug traq". So the counts are only patch releases.

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I think Doug wrote something on that to them. I phoned Whitener the day
before the hearings. We need to work up a written response to any open
source issues that came up at the hearing.

I'm looking for an article that compares open source products (like
Apache) with commercial closed-source products in terms of security,
reliability etc.

Doug told me about a Wisconsin study of commercial Unix v. open source

Alan D.

> [commissioner, I didn't get his name]
> Would Open Source work better?
> "If you find a bug in Linux, you are responsible for fixing it."
> !!!
> "Nobody here has anything to hide." !!!
> DeSoaries asks what happens with Open Source. Can anybody make
> changes and then run the result in an election? Would Open
> Source be certified? Would changes need to be certified?
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