RE: More on voting stations

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 14:22:42 CDT

I spoke of potentially two intermediate languages. One is the XML
ballot. The other is a simplified text and image placement language.
Your proposal is a variation of the second.

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At 12:09 PM -0700 5/7/04, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:
>Of course, to optimize performance you can bypass the entire printer
>driver process. I used this in a high speed check printing
>application, and it worked nicely. What I did was to generate the
>page as the raw text to send to the printer (Postscript or PCL),
>with variables in place for each value (check number, payee, etc.),
>then spit out the checks by simply doing variable substitution into
>the Postscript/PCL. Worked like a champ.
>I think that a similar approach could work for us, since all of the
>values we output are "text" (assuming that we use barcode fonts,
>etc.). We could slot our values into a pre-rastered printout, and
>save a lot of rendering time.

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