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Of course, to optimize performance you can bypass the entire printer driver
process. I used this in a high speed check printing application, and it
worked nicely. What I did was to generate the page as the raw text to send
to the printer (Postscript or PCL), with variables in place for each value
(check number, payee, etc.), then spit out the checks by simply doing
variable substitution into the Postscript/PCL. Worked like a champ.

I think that a similar approach could work for us, since all of the values
we output are "text" (assuming that we use barcode fonts, etc.). We could
slot our values into a pre-rastered printout, and save a lot of rendering

- LP

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On May 7, 2004, at 12:54 PM, Arthur Keller wrote:
>> Laser printers sometimes have a warm-up time. Ink jet printers often
>> start much faster
> That's a big advantage of inkjet printers.

My experience in printing postscript documents to non-postscript
printers, using Ghostscript on relatively fast computers, is that the
time it takes on the computer to rasterize the page is slightly longer
than the time it takes a laser printer to print the rasterized image.

I haven't spent time with a stopwatch quantifying this; but in general,
I usually keep half an eye on the flashing light on my desktop laser
printer, so I know when the data starts transmission to the printer. I
also sometimes print postscript to inkjets.

Anyway, the moral of this is that there will be a certain time delay
for an inkjet to begin printing a postscript document, as well. An
inkjet can start more quickly if it is handling a document using a
native driver, but Ghostscript needs to figure out a whole page worth
of postscript before it knows what the first pixel value is (it needs
to do this in principle, not just as programmed, since postscript
doesn't necessarily describe a page from top to bottom). The total
printing time, in fact, might be lower using a laser than an inkjet

Arthur's argument about toner/cartridge cost seems on target.

> the EVM screen immediately says, "Please wait for your ballot to
> print."


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