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Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 23:16:32 CDT


> Are you sure you read the text at the Australian site recently?
> For your convenience a portion is below. The bolding is my own.
This particular page is out-of-date. My comments are based on quite a bit
of correspondence, phone conversations etc with them over the last year or

The small pilot they did was paperless. A year ago they were saying they
found paperless more secure. You can find a Wired article more recently
quoting Dev Lead Matt Quinn where he is touting paper. Software Solutions,
the company that won the contract to build the system, is interested in the
U.S. market.

In other words, they have changed their tune as they have seen the direction
of the wind change in the U.S.

I met with Software Solutions management in Sacramento a couple of months
ago. I told them that their best chance of getting in the U.S. market would
be as a member of the OVC. Indeed, the entry barrier is very high for them
and I don't see any other way they can get significant business started here
as a voting system vendor.

The Australian experience is different in several significant ways. Most
interesting to me is that the initiative for an open source cheap commodity
PC voting system came from the state government--in this case the ACT, which
is a pretty small state (of the six states in Australia). This ACT decided
to do it then set about to write the spec and find someone to make it.

Tridge (a fairly famous programmer responsible for Samba) is the Aussie that
suggested the horizontal orientation for the CRT.

Alan D.

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