Re: Straight Party Votes

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Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 22:59:10 CDT

I have submitted a proposed Data Model for Vote Entry Stations (Voting Booths). In it, there is an entity called POL_PARTY. It has a 1:m relationship to the Candidate Ballot Entries that would allow for writing a Process Model that would accomplish straight party voting. It also models this for multiple winner contests and precludes stuffing the ballot box for cross-endorsed candidates in multiple winner contests.

As a group, we have yet to decide on a Design and Development methodology. I'm hoping we go with something like Data Model and Process Model. If we don't decide on something fairly soon, we'll see ourselves in 2006 as having been too late for a HAVA-compliant voting booth.


> I have not seen any discussion in the lists regarding a straight party
> ticket vote. Here in Indiana it is written into the law that systems must
> allow this function. What would have to be included in the software to
> support this requirement?
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> Joel Harris
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