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From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 21:39:10 CDT

Hello Alan:

     That isn't spam, that's opportunity knocking!
If, as they say at the end of the original note, "this
technology is free of charge," why don't you take them
up on it? It might be helpful to have a model to
study no matter how defective it is. At the least, it
might be fun and prehaps even for the higher good to
send what you get down to the critics of the Brazilian

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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> Interesting spam I just got.
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> Strongly suggest you contact the Brazilian Embassy
> in Washington DC to obtain more information on the
> superb and guaranteed fraud-free - ZERO FRAUD after
> 8 nation-wide elections, with illiterates and even
> blind people voting - eletronic voting booths now in
> regular use in Brazil. Defects - less than 1 (one)
> percent of the machines had problems, over the total
> 8 elections.
> They can operate anywhere, if necessary, with
> batteries or solar power cells, and if there is
> transmission failure, can up-lift to a satellite for
> transmission of the results to the regional
> electoral computing center. Rugged, it is
> transportable on mule-back or by canoe.
> The Brazilian Government, as our nation's
> contribution to better governance world-wide, is
> offering the technology FREE.
> Over-all cost of each voting booth
> - handling up to "x" persons per election day, as a
> function of the duration of the voting process ( on
> average, less than 5 minutes each ) divided by the
> number of voters actually participating in the vote
> - is just under 500 (five hundred) dollars per unit.
> This total includes the central computing system -
> which uses hardware commercially available in most
> countries. The actual cost of each voting machine
> is, therefore, quite a bit less than that figure.
> These voting machines can either be bought from
> Brazilian manufacturers, or produced by any country
> that wishes to use them - the technology is
> free-of-charge.
> Contact the Embassy and find out more
> about this - you may be pleasantly surprised!

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