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Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 19:39:25 CDT

I'm a strong supporter of this kind of UI model. It simplifies the user
interaction model quite a bit, which makes things easier to
implement/test/debug/certify. In addition, it gives the local folks complete
control over the "look & feel" of the ballots simply by editing a bitmap
image and setting the coordinates of the buttons, text entry areas, etc.

- LP

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> The current GUI app was designed and written by Jean-Paul Gignac using
> a library called PyGame. This approach basically takes a fixed image
> of the ballot for a background, then responds to clicks in certain
> regions of the screen. This bypasses the use of high-level widgets
> like radio-buttons or pick-lists.
> David Jefferson's security concern seems to promote the continued use
> of a similar programming style to that Jean-Paul and Fred chose.

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