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Interesting spam I just got.

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Strongly suggest you contact the Brazilian Embassy in Washington DC to obtain more information on the superb and guaranteed fraud-free - ZERO FRAUD after 8 nation-wide elections, with illiterates and even blind people voting - eletronic voting booths now in regular use in Brazil. Defects - less than 1 (one) percent of the machines had problems, over the total 8 elections.
      They can operate anywhere, if necessary, with batteries or solar power cells, and if there is transmission failure, can up-lift to a satellite for transmission of the results to the regional electoral computing center. Rugged, it is transportable on mule-back or by canoe.
      The Brazilian Government, as our nation's contribution to better governance world-wide, is offering the technology FREE.
                 Over-all cost of each voting booth - handling up to "x" persons per election day, as a function of the duration of the voting process ( on average, less than 5 minutes each ) divided by the number of voters actually participating in the vote - is just under 500 (five hundred) dollars per unit. This total includes the central computing system - which uses hardware commercially available in most countries. The actual cost of each voting machine is, therefore, quite a bit less than that figure. These voting machines can either be bought from Brazilian manufacturers, or produced by any country that wishes to use them - the technology is free-of-charge.
              Contact the Embassy and find out more about this - you may be pleasantly surprised!
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