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From: Liam Helmer <lists_at_strongboxlinux_dot_com>
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 18:22:56 CDT

This actually brings up the possibility of using a utility like freeze
or cx_freeze to make a binary version of the python voting app (or
whatever language it's using). This way, no python libraries are linked
to at runtime.

Depending on the number of scripts, this may save RAM on the demo disk
as well.


On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 22:12, charlie strauss wrote:
> In a related vein, I've seen it noted elswhere that DLLs and font description packages are considered COTS items for source code inspection purposes. In otherwords you could change a DLL that a voting program uses and not have to have the program re-certified. This obviously violates the spirit of code integrity and seems dumb to me.
> Thus it seems philosophically that as much code as possible should be statically linked.
> Given that does it matter if one is using a high-level object or re-implementing the functionality from low level commands. If you are statically linked this is effectively the same as having copied the source code into the main program. It's static and as long as you dont update the library you compiled against it wont change.
> The difference only appears when you update your widget libraries; you could inherent new properties and not realize it. I think that is the concern you are getting at correct?
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> Subject: [voting-project] GUI, hold the widgets
> On May 5, 2004, at 1:58 PM, David Jefferson wrote:
> > "Personal" operating systems, e.g. OS's that assume that one person
> > will be using the system for extended periods of time, evolve in such
> > a way as to remember a lot of usage history...
> > The lesson, I think, is that the GUI for a voting system should be
> > specifically designed for voting, and not derived from the codebase of
> > a GUI for any "personal" computer.
> I should note that Fred McLain has made the argument that the GUI
> ballot application should eschew the use of widget libraries such as
> wxPython of PyQt. He mentioned this on the telephone, and in email;
> I'm not sure if that email went to the OVC-Dev list, or just to a Cc:
> list.
> The current GUI app was designed and written by Jean-Paul Gignac using
> a library called PyGame. This approach basically takes a fixed image
> of the ballot for a background, then responds to clicks in certain
> regions of the screen. This bypasses the use of high-level widgets
> like radio-buttons or pick-lists.
> David Jefferson's security concern seems to promote the continued use
> of a similar programming style to that Jean-Paul and Fred chose.
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