Re: What is voter anonymity?

From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 16:52:21 CDT

two comments

first, in New Mexico ballots have to be stored and printied out in random order that's in the law so I think that voids time stamping.
(trivia: also in NM law: ballots must be stored in three places in memory not on the same memory chip)

Second, (ignoring what I just said)
as for storing auxillrary information on ballots that is an actual ordering (e.g. times stamps) or could lead to a partial ordering (e.g. interlocking ballots to enhance difficulty of ballot stuffing or destruction) I dont think this is a non-starter as long as it is handled correctly. At the present time OVCs method has two voter-order-information destruction steps. First when the ballot box is opened, procedures require the ballots to be shuffled. Second, on the vote machine a record of ballots cast is kept but the order information is erased.

Note that both of these are admisistrative not inherent engineered solutions. These are acceptable solutions.

In keeping with this is seems to me that order information could be kept as long as it is encrypted, and the keys kept secure by some procedure, and second that the computer that can access the order information is required not to divulge it.

to make this last point clearer, suppose for some reason we wanted to access the interlocking ballot records to see if the ballot set was self consistent or to recover a damaged ballot. One would have an official procedure to get the keys, these would be fed into a computer that recovered the desired information (e.g. yes, the ballot set is self consistent, or here is the recovered ballot) but never reveal the order information and erase it before completeing.

Again this would be an admisistrative process for destroying order information much like the ones above. Like the ballot shuffle step the task of key holding could be divided amongst multiple persons.
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