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Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 16:22:10 CDT

To contradict myself a bit, since there's only one reader per polling
station, and only one person running the scanner, the hardware and training
costs are less of an issue than for the vote entry stations. :-)

- LP
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Are there problems with using multiple 1D barcodes? Unless we're looking at
requiring truly massive amounts of data, it seems to me that adding a second
1D barcode to the ballot seem to be easier/cheaper to handle than going to
2D barcodes, so perhaps two scans on a ballot might be better than requiring
somewhat more expensive and slightly harder to use scanners?
Of course, 2D barcodes are well understood in the industry, so it's not
_bad_ to use them; they just cost more and require a little more training
than dirt cheap 1D scanners.
- LP
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180 bits is right about at the limit of practical 1-D codes. So yeah,
there are a lot of of ways we might require 2-D.
Yours, David...

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