Re: What is voter anonymity?

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 15:07:15 CDT

On May 5, 2004, at 3:52 PM, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:
> Therefore I cannot see any pressing need for such information.

I think, Ed, that you've somewhat reversed the focus of my question. A
number of OVC members have proposed various types of disclosure of
votes as a way of aiding transparency or security in the voting
process. In the abstract, I can see certain benefits of disclosures.

The question I have concerns what limits to disclosure are mandatory.
It's not about the particular uses to which disclosed data might be
put, and the general worth of those uses. Instead, I want to have a
better sense of which disclosures would be specifically illegal or
otherwise ethically disallowable.

If a given type of disclosure (say, with certain types of
voter-identity redaction) is ILLEGAL, we must rule it out as an a
priori design principle. If that disclosure is legal (and ethical), we
can go into more detail in our consideration of whether that disclosure
would aid transparency, security, and/or outside political purposes
(e.g. aiding political scientists who perform academic studies of
voting trends).
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