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> And what did they say?

All sorts of things. The jist of it is that I spoke of a lot of things with
which they weren't familiar. They were willing to listen and seemed
interested in being accommodating. However, there is work to do.

For example, around three years ago I spoke with Jim Dearman of Wyle Labs
and Sean Southworth of PSI Net. One of them (I think it was Dearman) was
trying to tell that the system I was describing was a DRE. I explained why
I thought it was not a DRE and should not be characterized that way. Since
that time, no less an authority than Roy Saltman published a paper which,
among other things, explains my system as a non-DRE.

No one I spoke with thought it would be particularly difficult to get the
system certified. In fact, they thought it would be easier than most
because it was all COTS hardware, which they wouldn't have to test.

Alan D.

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> > Arthur,
> >
> > > For example, I think that getting "generic COTS PC-hardware"
> > > certified is probably a non-starter right now. Picking a particular
> > > hardware configuration to get to certification and beyond is a
> > > realistic solution, and then we can backfill by asking for generic
> > > hardware to be approved. To the extent that current certification is
> > > by black-box testing, we'll have to undergo the same and more.
> > >
> > Have you spoken with anyone in the testing labs about this? Have you
> spoken
> > with any officials at the state level about this? Have you spoken with
> > anyone at the federal level about this?
> >
> > I have.
> >
> > Alan D.
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