Re: Alternatives to a single bar code

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 12:01:55 CDT

At 9:36 AM -0700 5/5/04, Alan Dechert wrote:
> >
>> That's a real good question. How big is a DSS message digest? How
>> big is an end-to-end check-code? Please note that there have been
>> suggestions of digitally signing ballots with both a hardware key and
>> either a software-generated key or the CD's key.
>But what really needs to be in the barcode?
>I could also see having an exposed 1-D barcode just like we have it for the
>demo and a 2-D barcode elsewhere on the ballot which would contain all sorts
>of other information. This way, you don't need 2-D scanners at the poll
>site. Save the 2-D scan for the central count system.

The BVA has to report the ballot choices as they will be counted.
The implication is that unless you move to one barcode per ballot
choice, the bar code for the BVA needs to be the *same* barcode used
for canvassing. Otherwise, the voter hasn't actually verified their
vote. I think that logically precludes the parallel barcode scheme
Alan is proposing.

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