Re: MORE Questions from election officials

From: james_in_denver <james_in_denver_at_hotpop_dot_com>
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 02:19:29 CDT


Okay, I need to do some more homework/offline thinking. I didn't take
into account the coercion scenario in the model I am thinking through.

It seems there is a fundamental dilemma here. Either the voter can cast
ballots in total anonymity, without being able to verify how their vote
was tabulated after the fact, or they can maintain some means of
"reviewing" their vote, only to subject to the possible coercion
mentioned above. More thought on my part required here.

In the US, coercion is not likely a substantial portion of the voting
populace (at least not yet, I hope), however in other situations that is
a thought I had not taken into consideration.

Some things I took for granted, being free from coercion during voting
was one, Hmmm....kiss that happy naive thought goodbye.....


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