Re: Acquiring new funds (Donations)

From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 02:06:19 CDT

At 10:32 PM -0700 5/3/04, Cory Hamma wrote:
>I know this subject is probably not as welcome as, say, Bar Code
>Length (chuckles) but I'd like to propose a couple of strategies for
>gathering additional funding and/or support.
>1. Accept credit cards, debit cards and e-checks directly from the
>site. PayPal is disliked by MANY individuals with Internet access,
>and is confusing to many. A swift and simple credit card acceptance
>method with the OVC logo at the top would probably go a long way.
>Just like Amazon. It would also look more professional.

Good point. However, there is a significant infrastructure hurdle to doing so.

>2. Public Image.
>There are a lot of groups who would love to support what we are
>offering both in terms of grassroots lobbying and in terms of
>funding. I suggest that the number of demonstrations increase.
>The focus of the sighted general public is the computer which prints
>out their ballot. The focus of the non-sighted general public is a
>computer which reads their ballot.
>--We have already created a mock visual ballot online, and but we
>need to have at least a recording of the voting machine actually
>voting through the audible interface, with interjections like "voter
>pressed the space bar" to indicate choices made. --Some demos do not
>need to include really anything but a mock-up voting terminal. The
>rest of the process can be described, as it is probably more
>complicated than most people would need to see demonstrated in order
>to be convinced. I am talking about demos at:
>Lyons clubs, schools for the blind, universities, and anywhere where
>there will be a lot of people who are politically minded. There
>some really big organizations in the Midwest and the east coast too:

I think we need to dramatically improve the usability of the RII
before we give lots of demos, lest we turn people off.

The points you raise below are important.

>In addition to the demos that will need to be produced, the general
>web site needs a text overhaul. There are questions that must be
>answered on the main web page, not buried in a FAQ. I was talking
>to a preschool teacher about the project, and she had some basic
>A. How expensive is the system? Is it cheaper than the systems the
>government bought? (I am aware of recent discussions -- this could
>be a hypothetical answer based on the idea of buying computers for
>libraries/schools and borrowing them for the election)
>B. How do I know that my vote has been counted correctly? I heard
>some votes were lost with the current systems.
>C. Is it easy to use? I'm not very good at using computers.
>D. How do blind people vote with the system? If the output is on
>paper, how can a blind individual tell if their vote is counted / is
>E. When will this system be working? Will it be working this
>November? (this would be a good place to include a link to Donations)
>... some basic questions, much less than 10, would be really
>helpful. These don't have to be in question/answer format, either.
>Hopefully after people read newspaper articles or hear from word of
>mouth about our system, they will visit the web page and have the
>answers they are searching for available instantly, without the need
>to search.

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