Re: Web Site Accessibility Update

From: Cory Hamma <cory_at_openvoting_dot_org>
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 23:59:56 CDT

On May 3, 2004, at 8:00 PM, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:

> Could you please review the site at ?
> This is the site we're planning to move to, once we get the look & feel
> polished.

First looks:
1. Navigation bar -- needs shortening, possibly as a horizontal
text-only bar underneath the logo. This would also help with Doug's
concerns with screen real-estate. Horizontal list example can be found
here (we don't need the little box icons, though): -- I think it is
handled well with a non-CSS browser too.
2. Upper right corner links -- Hmmm. If these could be made to vanish
under subcategories, it would be much better.
3. I completely agree with Doug about the left column. I think it
should vanish.
4. Blog-style is unfortunately really painful to read through with a
screen reader because it has a bunch of extra information and you have
to read through every single article to get to the article you *might*
be interested in.
--As an example, provides a very short (and
could be shorter) list of "headlines" at the top of the page. This
could be a list of links underneath the current OVC home page
information. These should be links to anchors. Remember: Anchors are
the Screen Reader's Friend. They move an invisible "virtual cursor" to
the anchor location.
--In addition, move the headlines and content under sort of a News
link. The current "news" and "history" pages could probably be combined
into one.
5. Search box should be on a separate page.
6. Donation link is needed as something really obvious on the main
page. Please see my example as one way to handle the placement of the
buttons. It is a working example, and having those PayPal graphic
buttons is a bad idea. A screen reader reads my buttons VERY clearly.
7. We need to get rid of that blue text image under the logo and
replace it with some text.

I'm sure that much more will be evident to me once I plug it into the
screen reader, but that computer is busy at the moment. You have done
some really good work using the existing content! I am impressed.

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