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Hello again,
It turns out that while I was speaking with Denise Lamb (director NASED) this moring, a freind was coinidentally delivering the Mythbreaker's document to Rebecca Vigil-Heron in the same office. She is the President Elect of the National Association of Secretaries of State, and SOS of New Mexico. She is vehemently opposed to paper trails. Unfortunately, I dont beleive she has plans to read it. (Coinidentally She's off to euorpe tommorow to propote paperless systems there -- good timing regarding the Irish report!).

Anyhow she handed over the following april 2004 Paper from Carnegie Melon as her main scholarly point of reference on the issue.

by Micheal Ian Shamos, School of computer Sci.

who also wrote:

I put these forth for your discussion. If you want to say it's a bunch of bog trot and ill posed analogies I'm fine with that, but the more specific you are the better I will actually be able to make use of your opinions.

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