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RE: [voting-project] Newcomers: please read existing material fir st!Hello Laird:

    What I've seen for sites that deal with aging news is to have subtopics as in, "News March," "News February," "News January," and so on. The most current month is on top with the news getting older as one goes down the page. After 3 to 6 month, the monthly news is scooped up and moved under, "News January-March," and later, "News, Last Year." I think you may have said that below but I thought I'd be a little more explicit. HTH

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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  I don't run the mailing list, so I can't change the welcome message.

  About your suggestion to change 'prototype' to 'reference' now that we're post-demo, I think that makes sense, but I'd want to see what everyone else things before making the change.

  I agree that the distinction between "news" and "history" is pretty fuzzy.

  How about if we separate them into "timeline" which is the official OVC timeline, and "press coverage" which links to articles about OVC? I think that "links" should just be links to related resources.

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