Re: German Constitutional Court : No To Voting Machines

From: Brent Turner <brent_at_trealestate_dot_net>
Date: Wed Mar 04 2009 - 10:11:19 CST

Maybe someone should enlighten them so they can use OS systems - who
speaks German ? BT



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Subject: [OVC-discuss] German Constitutional Court : No To Voting Machines


The German Constitutional Court has declared electronic
voting machines too insecure for use in Germany. They
are unconstitutional.

Unfortunately these articles are in German, and
I just don't have time this morning for reading and
translating all the details, but one headline reads :
"Comeback for Paper and Pencil"

Here's a summary in German.

"Der Einsatz von Abstimmcomputern bei der Bundestagswahl warlaut
Verfassungsgericht grundgesetzwidrig - die bisherigen Maschinen sind einfach
zu unsicher.",1518,610960,00.html,1518,611148,00.html

Maybe someone will be able to Google up some articles in English.

Jim Soper

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